Public File

Public File

Automation and Local Programming

On Original 106, all of our programming is produced locally and presented from our studios at Craigshaw Road, Aberdeen. There are no arrangements for networked or syndicated programming. We do occasional outside broadcasts from around our transmission area.

It is necessary at certain times to automate or voice track programmes. Voice tracking is where the presenter has pre recorded their links but may not necessarily be in the studio at the time the programme is broadcast. Automated or voice tracked programming will only happen well outwith peak, daytime hours. We usually voice track three hours of presenter-led programming during weekday evenings, two hours 6am til 8am on Sunday morning, and four hours during weekend evenings – although occasionally these programmes may be live.

The late evening / overnight non-stop music element of Original 106 is automated.

Charity Support

Original 106 broadcast daily “What’s on Guides” which promote local events taking place, whether it be music/comedy gigs, art shows or charity fundraisers. Listeners can submit their own events to our What’s On guide by emailing us. Inclusion in our listings is at the discretion of Original 106.  The email address is

Original 106 also support various charities and events, including the Aberdeen Students Charities Campaign Torcher Parade and Student Shows, Courage on The Catwalk which benefits The Friends Of Anchor, STV Appeal, Charlie House and many other local causes. We run the very successful Original 106 Christmas Appeal every year, which sees new toys, gifts and food donations for local food banks being donated by listeners.

News Bulletin Schedule: Local, National and Extended Bulletins

Original 106 carries news on the hour 24 hours a day.

Between 06:00 and 21:00 weekdays, this is local news produced in house at Original 106.

Between 22:00 and 05:00 we carry Sky Radio News (Independent Radio News).

Between 06:00 and 09:00 and 16:00 and 19:00 we carry news headlines and travel news every 30 minutes, plus during weekdays we provide local travel updates as and when travel issues arise between 9am and 4pm.

During daytime our bulletins are 2 1/2 minutes in length. In the evening they are 2 minutes.

We have an extended sports desk at 9am, 1pm and 6pm and a business news update at 5.30pm. Weekend sports desks are at 9am and 1pm.

At weekends Original 106 broadcast hourly 3 minute news bulletins between 8am and 2pm (plus headlines at 8.30am) with 2 minute bulletins every hour from 3pm onwards. From 7pm we carry Sky News’ two minute live, hourly bulletins.

Our news and programming schedule will vary during the festive season.

More local news and contact details for the news team can be found online here.

Ofcom Localness Guidelines

Ofcom’s Localness Guidelines can be found here.

Programme Schedule

An up to date programme schedule can be found here.

Recent News

You can see our recent news headlines on the news section of this site.

Our Music

Original 106 plays a broad mix of hits from the eighties to the present that will appeal to an adult audience. We also feature “Original 106 Classics” which may include big, familiar hits from the 70s and sometimes the 60s.

To see what songs we’ve played in the last hour, please click here.

Station Contacts

A list of station contacts are available here.

Station Format

Our station format is available on the Ofcom website here.

Station Complaints

To lodge a complaint, please visit our contact page and send the complaint to the relevant department. In the first instance, always address your complaint to the relevant department at Original 106, after which, should you feel it necessary to contact Ofcom, please use their contact details listed here.