Now's the time to get your message out.

Why Advertise Now?

We know that things are tough, and that marketing is the last thing on most business owners' minds. But as we adjust to the "new normal", consumers across the country are uncertain about what services and products are available to them.

That's why more and more people are turning to radio, the most trusted medium in the UK**, to give them information and guidance during this time of unpredictability.

To that end, we're offering short term, affordable campaigns, to allow your business to speak directly to the local community in these uncertain times. Whether it's business as usual, a reduced service, or reopening after a period of closure - it's more important than ever that your message reaches the right people.

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Why Original 106?

We've seen a huge surge of people turning to Original 106 from before lockdown to now, with an increase of over 31% in unique listeners*.

And it's not hard to see why!

During the outbreak, our focus has always been on keeping our listeners informed about their local area. Our news comes directly from the DC Thomson Media Centrea trusted and reputable institution of the local area.

And perhaps most importantly during a time of anxiety, our presenters are highlighting the positives: the feel-good stories, the hilarious listener anecdotes, the ups-and-downs of life under lockdown, and the best music for the North East of Scotland.

Unlike other stations, all of our shows are produced exclusively by Original 106, and all of our presenters know exactly what's important to those who live in the North East.

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Find Out More

If you'd like to know more about how Original 106 can promote your business to a highly engaged audience, you can request our media pack using the form below. Our advertising team may also contact you to discuss how Original 106 can provide a bespoke advertising package that suits your needs and budget.


** Breaking News: How listeners value commercial radio news (Radiocentre)