How To Listen

Whether you're in the house or on the go, it couldn't be easier to listen to Original 106. Wherever you are and whatever you're doing in the North East of Scotland, join the conversation! 


Original 106 is available on FM radio across the North East, on 106.8FM and 106.3FM.

  • Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire: 106.8FM.
  • Aberdeen North and Peterhead: 106.3FM.


You can also listen to Original 106 and Original 106 Gold on your digital radio all across the North East of Scotland.

  • Find us on the 11C block. (You may need to rescan to pick us up.)

On Your Smart Speaker

Original 106 is available to listen to on your smart speaker device, with just a simple command.

  • On Amazon Alexa Devices: "Alexa, play Original 106 from Tune In".
  • On Google Assistant Devices: "Hey Google, play Original 106".

You can also play any of our music stations - Original 106 Gold, Original 106 Party or Original 106 Rocks - with the same method.

On Your Phone or Tablet

It couldn't be easier to listen on the go. Simply download our app, and listen to Original 106, or any of our music stations - Original 106 Gold, Original 106 Chart or Original 106 Country.

Download on Apple App Store Download on Google Play

Plus, we've made it even easier to join the conversation. Download the app, and send us a message, a photo or a voice recording, with none of the usual charges!