Sturgeon sets out new timeline for businesses reopening in Scotland

Hairdressers, pubs and shopping centres are all set to reopen in Scotland next month.

The first minister has set out new dates as part of her route map out of lockdown.

She says it is only possible because of the low coronavirus infection rate - and says people will still need to keep the virus at bay in order for measures to be eased.

Nicola Sturgeon also says hospitality businesses will be required to keep hold of people's contact details for four weeks, to support the Test and Protect contact tracing system.

The new timeline is as follows.



  • Indoor (non-office) workplaces resume - includes factories, warehouses, labs and research facilities; excludes indoor workplaces due to open in phase three such as non-essential offices and call centres.
  • Street-access retail can re-open including outdoor markets.
  • House moves allowed again.
  • Outdoor sports courts and playgrounds can reopen.
  • Registration offices can reopen for high-priority tasks.
  • Marriages and civil partnerships allowed with minimal attendees - outdoors only.
  • Zoos and garden attractions can open for local access only.



  • Relaxation of travel distance restriction meaning people can travel further than five miles from home.
  • Self-catering accommodation and second homes (without shared facilities) permitted.



  • Outdoor hospitality areas like beer gardens can reopen, subject to physical distancing rules.



  • People can meet in extended groups outdoors with physical distancing.
  • Households can meet indoors with a maximum of two other households, with physical distancing.



  • Organised outdoor contact sports can resume for children and young people (subject to guidance).
  • All dental practices begin to see registered patients for non-aerosol routine care; Work will begin to return aerosol generating procedures to practice safely.
  • Capacity increased within community optometry practices for emergency and essential eye care.
  • Non-essential shops inside shopping centres can reopen (following guidance and with physical distancing).



  • All holiday accommodation permitted (following relevant guidance).
  • Indoor hospitality such as pubs and restaurants can reopen - subject to physical distancing rules.
  • Hairdressers and barbers can reopen with enhanced hygiene measures.
  • Museums, galleries, cinemas, monuments and libraries can welcome visitors again - with physical distancing and other measures (e.g. buying tickets in advance).
  • All childcare providers can open subject to individual provider arrangements.


Phase three will be reviewed by July 9, when announcements will be made for things like non-essential offices, universities and colleges, places of worship and attendance at funerals, marriages and civil partnerships - though it is unlikely any of these will come in before July 23.

Consideration will also be given to live events - outdoors and indoors - indoor gyms, other personal retail services and other indoor entertainment venues.

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