Police issue warning after reports of basking shark disturbances

A basking shark. Image: Pixabay

Police are warning people in the north-east not to get too close to basking sharks on the coastline.

It's after reports some vessels, paddle boarders and kayakers have potentially disturbed the creatures.

It's against the law to antagonise basking sharks, as they're an endangered species. 

Wildlife Crime and Environmental Officer, Constable Hannah Corbett said: “These animals are wonderful to watch but I would encourage people to remember that they are a protected species and it is an offence to deliberately or recklessly disturb them.

“If you are out on the water and lucky enough to see a basking shark near you or your vessel, avoid making changes in speed or direction. Please keep your distance and do not chase or attempt to feed or touch them.

“If you see anything that you suspect to be causing Marine Wildlife disturbance, report it to Police Scotland by calling 101.”

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