Network Rail in High Court over alleged fatal failings in Stonehaven rail crash

Network Rail is to appear at the High Court in Aberdeen today over alleged fatal failings in the Stonehaven rail crash.

It comes after the tragic incident on August 12 2020 where Brett McCullough, Donald Dinnie and Christopher Stuchbury died and six other people were injured. 

The Aberdeen to Glasgow train hit a landslip at Carmont after a period of heavy rainfall overnight. 

Network Rail is being charged by the Crown Office with failing to conduct itself in a way which would prevent people from the risk of serious injury and death. 

The court case follows an two inquiries, one being from the Rail Accident Investigation Branch. 

In the RAIB's findings, it reported in March 2022, 20 recommendations to improve the organisation's response to bad weather, flooding and lineside drainage. 

But 14 months after these were made, it was revealed they had only implemented two, leaving 18 still to be introduced. 

A network rail spokesperson previously said: "The Carmont derailment and the tragic loss of Christopher Stuchbury, Donald Dinnie and Brett McCullough was a terrible day for our railway and our thoughts remain with their families and all those affected by the accident.

“While we cannot comment on the ongoing legal process, the RAIB report into Carmont made clear that there were fundamental lessons to be learnt by Network Rail and we have supported the investigation process.

“Since August 2020, we have been working hard to make our railway safer for our passengers and colleagues.

“We are committed to delivering on the recommendations made by RAIB and have also made other significant changes to how we manage the risk of severe weather to our network." 

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