Men United call for people to speak out as Scotland's suicide figures show increase

Men United founder Sandy Garvock. Picture: DC Thomson

A Peterhead mental health group is calling for men to speak out if they are struggling, in the wake of Scotland's suicide rates being released.

The National Records of Scotland revealed there was a small increase to 762 probable deaths, with an increase of nine compared to 2021. 

However, the rate of suspected suicides in males was almost three times as high as the rate for females, with 556 male deaths compared to 206 female. 

Sandy Garvock runs Men United and said: "We really need to encourage men to start speaking about how they feel and the issues they face in day to day life. 

"This is real life, this is not a game and so many guys have this thing of pride where they do not want to admit they are struggling. I think you have more pride if you stand up and say I am struggling. 

"Suicide leaves a massive hole in a family, it leaves a massive whole in a community, even a small one like Peterhead, if one person commits suicide if leaves a massive impact on your town. 

"Mental health and suicide is no longer a taboo subject, it's something we need to get out in the open, we need to speak about and we need to be proud about these guys are actually standing up and actually speaking." 

Male suicides showed a small decrease by nine compared to the year before, but women rose by 18. 

The deprivation gap for suicides is 1.8 times higher than all causes of death in Scotland.

Mr Garvock added they are there for anyone who wishes to come along and chat if they feel they need to. 

Since launching the group in 2019 in Peterhead, they have continue to grow and have supported 672 men in need in the area as well as prevented 31 suicides from occurring. 

The have now launched a session in Newmachar, which runs every Tuesday in the Beekies Neuk lounge at 7:30pm as well as their first location in Peterhead at the former union bar on Thursdays at 7pm. 

From the end of this month, they will also be in Turriff at the football team's social club from 7pm on September 29. 

For more information their website can be visited here.

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