Calls for action over rise in Westhill anti-social behaviour

MP Andrew Bowie, pictured outside Duncano’s, says focused intervention by police will help address the problem. Image: Richard Watt PR

There has been another surge of anti-social behaviour in Westhill.

Residents claim youths have been throwing fireworks at cars and shouting racial slurs. 

Staff at the Holiday Inn hotel in the area had to call the police after youngsters ran inside. 

Local MP Andrew Bowie has warned "short but focused" police intervention may be needed.

Local police said officers from the Garioch Community Policing Team have been carrying out proactive patrols in the Westhill area.

Mr Bowie said: “Westhill is not normally a place associated with anti-social behaviour, but talking to residents, there is growing evidence that there is an underlying problem and has been for some time.

“The incidents of the last month or so have been too severe to pass over. 

“I really think Police Scotland has an opportunity to make a short but focused intervention which will make an immediate difference. 

“Recent patrols are welcome — but undesirable elements need to be left in no doubt this is no place for trouble."

Anyone who has witnessed acts of anti-social behaviour is being asked to contact police on 101 or 999 in an emergency.

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