Angus Robertson claims an independent Scotland is well placed for EU membership

The Scottish government has published its seventh independence paper, which focuses on how an independent Scotland would aim to join the EU.

The document, which outlines Scotland’s history in the EU and how the government would aim to contribute to the union as an independent country, includes a foreword from Angus Robertson, the Cabinet Secretary for the Constitution, External Affairs and Culture.

His statement claims that independence will change Scotland’s relationship with the EU and the UK for the better:

“Perhaps above all the paper demonstrates the value the Scottish government places on co-operation and partnership in place of confrontation.”

“It is that approach that we seek to bring both to our aspiration to regaining our place in the EU as well as to what I believe will be a new and better relationship with our closest friends in the rest of the UK.”

The text states that an independent Scotland would apply to join the EU “as soon as possible”, with Angus Robertson confirming that there would not be a separate referendum on whether Scotland would apply to join the EU.

The paper also states that Scotland would be “well placed” to move quickly through the accession process.

The series of papers, titled “Building a New Scotland”, is available on the Scottish government website.

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