Spin Me The Money!!!


Each weekday between Monday 7 November and Friday 16 December we're giving you multiple chances to win cash and prizes on Spin Me The Money!!


There's no tricky questions to answer, simply register below and if we call you, answer within 10 seconds saying "Original 106 Spin Me The Money!"......just don't say hello!


We could call at any time between 7am and 7pm Monday to Friday so keep your phone nearby!


Answer the phone quickly and correctly and we'll spin the Original 106 prize wheel with cash prizes up to £500 and goodies from Booth Scotland.


Birth Date *


Remember if we call, you must answer your phone within 10 seconds with the phrase "Original 106 Spin Me The Money". Good luck!

Every Monday we'll reset the prizes on the wheel so be sure to re-register every week to have the best chance of spinning the wheel. Competition is in play Monday to Friday between 7 November and 16 December