One Second One Song


Identify the Mystery song to WIN the Jackpot!


Can you tell your Abba from you Aerosmith? Bananarama from Bon Jovi?

Listen to the Original 106 Lift Home with McCully for your chance to win CASH!

We've got 1-second of a tune from the Original 106 playlist, and all you have to do is tell us what it is. Listen out for your cue to call before 5pm weekdays on the Lift Home.

Correctly identify the song, and the jackpot is yours!

For every wrong answer we get, we'll add a tenner on to the jackpot


The Current Jackpot:




Previous Guesses:

The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony (Dan, Aberdeen)

The Stranglers - Golden Brown (Kevin, Insch) 

Alannah Myles - Black Velvet (Jane, Ellon)

Oasis - She’s Electric (Adam, Alford)

Scissor Sisters - Take Your Mama (James, Aberdeen) 

Barenaked Ladies - One Week (Connor, Crathes) 

Darius - Colourblind (Darren, Kincorth)

Oasis - Lyla (Claire, Peterhead)

Justin Timberlake - Like I Love You (Peter, Fraserburgh)

Duran Duran - Ordinary World (Gary, Kingswells)