Pops of colour, excited school children and chalk transforms Marsichal College Quad into rewilding jungle

The iconic Marischal College Quad's been transformed into a jungle of colour as hundreds of school kids create one of the biggest chalk murals in the world.

It's part of this year's Nuart Festival, ran by Aberdeen Inspired, which begins across the city tomorrow. 

Street artist Katie Guthrie led around 400 pupils from primary and secondary schools in the Chalk Don't Chalk event, as they aim to create the world's biggest chalk mural. 

It will eventually be opened from tomorrow for all children and their families to add their own innovations to the artwork already created. 

Katie said: "Unleashing the kids' creativity to create their own characters and collaborating together to rewild Marischal College armed with chalk and our imagination."

Nuart is now seen as the one of the best street art festival of it's kind, and attracts thousands of tourists as well as locals into the centre. 

It's in it's sixth year, with the Quad becoming the epicentre of the festival in what's been dubbed as the biggest public participation event in its history. 

Aberdeen Inspired's chief executive Adrian Watson said: "At its heart, Nuart Aberdeen is about the people of Aberdeen and making then part of this celebration of street art and the way it can connect and transform communities. 

"No doubt, I won't be the only one who is really excited to see what they will do to transform Marsichal Square Quad into this jungle of imagination and colour." 

Here from these Skene Square Primary School pupils who took part in the event: 

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