Petition signed by 4,000 fails to save Aberdeenshire's school crossing guards

Parents from Portlethen Primary School hold a peaceful protest to show how they feel about the council's crossing patroller cuts with Lollipop Lady Pamela Gartshore. Image: Kami Thomson/DC Thomson

A last ditch effort to save Aberdeenshire's lollipop men and women has been rejected, days before the community figures are to be removed from the streets.

A petition, launched by Fraserburgh woman Angeline Simpson, gained over 4000 signatures across the UK and abroad, calling on the council to reverse the plans, but was not enough to convince councillors to change tact.

Council guidance says only address in Aberdeenshire would be taken into consideration, which means only 1,779 signatures were accounted for.

Ms Simpson told councillors she had "serious concerns" for the safety of children across the region who rely on crossing patrollers and worries about worsening congestion.

She said parents are “outraged” over the removal of the service and claimed some may have to start work later in order to get their kids to school safely.

But councillors say the council can't afford to provide the service.

Instead, the local authority say they will use the savings made from cutting patrollers to protect more essential education services.

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