Election 2021: all the candidates for north-east constituencies

It is less than a fortnight until Scotland goes to the polls to elect the new Scottish Government.

Candidates are vying for the attention of voters in a number of constituencies across the north-east, and on the north-east regional list.

Those hoping to make it to Holyrood after May 6 are:

Aberdeen Donside: Harriet Cross (Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party), Isobel Davidson (Scottish Liberal Democrats), Jackie Dunbar (Scottish National Party SNP), Lucas Grant (Scottish Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition), Heather Herbert (Scottish Labour Party).

Aberdeen Central: Barry Black (Scottish Labour Party), Desmond Bouse (Scottish Liberal Democrats), Guy Ingerson (Scottish Green Party), Douglas Lumsden (Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party), Kevin Morrice Stewart (Scottish National Party SNP).

Aberdeen South and North Kincardine: Stephen Jamieson (Scottish Libertarian Party), Liam Kerr (Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party), Audrey Nicholl (Scottish National Party SNP), Lynn Thomson (Scottish Labour Party), Ian Yuill (Scottish Liberal Democrats).

Aberdeenshire East: Graeme Downie (Scottish Labour Party), Gillian Martin (SNP), Stewart Whyte (Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party), James Wood (Scottish Liberal Democrats).

Aberdeenshire West: Andrew Brown (Scottish Labour Party), Rosemary Bruce (Scottish Liberal Democrats), Alexander Burnett (Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party), Fergus Mutch (SNP).

Banffshire and Buchan Coast: Karen Adam (SNP), Jason Duncan (Freedom Alliance - Integrity, Society, Economy), Mark Findlater (Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party), David McHutchon (Restore Scotland), Alison Simpson (Scottish Liberal Democrats, Georgia Strachan (Scottish Labour Party).

Angus North and Mearns: Braden Davy (Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party), Cindy Douglas (Scottish Labour Party), Mairi Gougeon (SNP), Michael Turvey (Scottish Liberal Democrats).

North East of Scotland region: Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party (Callum Buchanan); Alba Party (Alex Salmond, Heather McLean, Brian Topping, Dot Jessiman); All For Unity (Arthur Keith, Scott Fenwick, Bobby Ferguson, Danielle Millar, Richard Kelbie, Ben Stones, John McPhee); Freedom Alliance – Integrity, Society, Economy (Kirsty Isabel Miller, Jason Duncan, Diane Lesley Mathieson, Sadie Cubitt); Independent Green Voice (Richard Tallach); Reform UK (John Barclay Cox, James George Whitelaw, Greig Mair, Samantha Lee Evans, Carol Mitchell MacDonald; Renew (Colin Alexander McFadyen); Restore Scotland (David McHutchon, Ewan Gurr); Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party (Liam Kerr, Alexander Burnett, Douglas Lumsden, Maurice Golden, Tess White, Gillian Tebberen, Stewart Whyte, Mark Findlater, Harriet Cross, Philip Scott, Mason McIlreavy, Alan Fakley); Scottish Family Party (David Thomas Bestwick, John Mark Donaldson, William James Strachan, George Macleod Arthur, Shehla Noreen Arthur); Scottish Green Party (Maggie Chapman, Guy Ingerson, Rachel Shanks, Lewis Leodhas, Sylvia Hardie, Peter Kennedy, Bradley Booth); Scottish Labour Party (Michael Marra, Mercedes Villalba, Barry Black, Lynn Thomson, Richard McCready, Georgia Strachan, Kamaal Bola, Heather Herbert, Owen Wright): Scottish Liberal Democrats (Rosemary Bruce, John Robert McConnachie Waddell, Ben George Lawrie, Ian Yuill, Conrad James Wood, Isobel Davidson, Alison Mary Simpson, Michael Crichton); Scottish Libertarian Party (Bryce Hope); SNP (Fatima Joji, Christian Allard, Fergus Mutch, William Duff, Nadia El-Nakla, John Cooke, Lynne Short, Gill Al-Samarai, Josh Mennie); UK Independence Party (Duncan Odgers, David Mackay, William Morren, Gerald Haddrell, Albert Emery, Kathleen Rowham); Individual regional candidates - Geoffrey Alexander Farquharson (Independent); Laura Marshall (Independent).

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