Aberdeen airport owner to launch UK's first medical delivery drone

The owner of Aberdeen International Airport revealed it will launched the UK's first medical delivery drone service.

ASG Airports, who owns Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton, are leading a consortium to plan, develop and trial the use of the drones to transport medicines, blood, organs and other medical supplies. 

The consortium includes the Strathclyde University and air traffic control provider NATS and will run until Spring 2022. 

Derek Provan, chief executive of AGS Airports, said: “This project has the potential to completely revolutionise the way in which healthcare services are delivered in Scotland.

“Not only does drone technology have the ability to speed-up the delivery of critical medical supplies, it could reduce waiting times for test results and, more importantly, help provide equity of care between urban and remote rural communities.

“Although our focus is on healthcare, the project could pave the way for the deployment of drone-enabled logistics in other sectors and has the potential to change the way airspace is used by manned and unmanned vehicles.

“It also has clear environmental benefits as it will play a key role in reducing the carbon emissions generated by existing, road-based distribution networks within Scotland.”

The consortium secured £1.5 million from the UK Industrial Strategy Future Flight Challenge Fund in order to show how the technology can enhance medical supplies being delivered. 

It is understood it will help remote rural locations in Scotland. 

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