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Rowers rescued after boat capsizes in River Dee

Sunday February 10th 2019 at 7:37 AM

A group of rowers were rescued from the River Dee by the coastguard.

Their boat had capsized near Victoria Bridge just before 3pm yesterday, but they had managed to climb onto its upturned hull and wait for rescue.

The coastguard Bond1 helicopter, which was out for training nearby, and RNLI lifeboat teams were called out.

The five women, from one of the rowing groups in Aberdeen, were brought safely to shore and checked over by ambulance crews.

None were hurt.

A spokesperson for the Coastguard said: “A rowing crew had capsized their boat whilst turning at the Victoria Bridge. The crew had remained with the inherently buoyant, although upturned, boat. They had also managed to scramble onto the upturned hull.

“The Harbour Pilot cutter, Sea Shepherd, working in the area was quickly on scene and able to effect a rescue of the crew. Rescue Helicopter Bond 1, on excercise nearby, was also quickly on scene and able to lower their winchman to provide immedite medical care. RNLI lifeboat station Aberdeen launched their Inshore lifeboat (ILB) and were swiftly on scene.

“The 5 crew were transferred to the care of the Scottish Ambulance Service, whilst the ILB was able to recover the upturned boat back to the rowing club boat house.

“Whilst a full multi-agency response was co-ordinated by the Coastguard, the rowing boat crew followed their training, remained calm and were able to be rescued swiftly by those responding to the situation.

“It was a positive outcome for all involved.

“If you see anyone in difficulty at Sea, on the beach or cliffs remember to dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.”

Cal Reed, helm of Aberdeen inshore lifeboat during the operation, says “The girls did well to remain calm and remember their safety drills – staying with their boat, using it for buoyancy and to keep them out of the water. A full array of rescue assets were quickly on scene, but particularly well done to the crew of the pilot cutter Sea Shepherd for effecting the rescue so quickly.

“It was a positive outcome for all involved and the lifeboat crew were pleased to be able to assist.”

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