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Renowned Aberdeen geoscientist who helped solve murder cases named on Queen’s Birthday Honours list

Saturday June 9th 2018 at 2:39 PM

A renowned North-east scientists has been named on the Queen’s Birthday Honours list.

Professor Lorna Dawson, a soil scientist who helped police in decade old murder investigations, been given a CBE for her work.

The soil forensics specialist works at the James Hutton Institute in Aberdeen but has been frequently helped in police investigations.

She worked on high profile murder investigations such the World’s end killer case from 1977, when it was looked at again after it had been unsolved for decades.

Ms Dawson’s work helped with a conviction being made some 20 years later.

The professor at the James Hutton Institute in Aberdeen has become a celebrity within forensic science, and is the source of media attention when she’s brought in to aid investigations. 

However, she said she would rather focus solely on the science

She told Original 106 News she has been moved by families of victims reaching out to thank her for her work in bringing them closure. 

Here is a clip of Ms Dawson speaking to us about the cases she has worked on:


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