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Protestors won’t appeal Kingsford stadium approval

Thursday March 21st 2019 at 10:29 AM

The group behind an unsuccessful legal challenge against Aberdeen FC’s new stadium at Kingsford will not appeal the ruling.

A visualisation of the planned Kingsford Stadium from Aberdeen FC.

No Kingsford Stadium took a judicial review to the Court of Session, over claims Aberdeen City Council had not followed due process in awarding the club planning permission for the new ground.

Crowdfunders had raised £66,000 to pay for their legal bid.

The challenge was thrown out, giving the protestors three weeks to appeal.

This morning, they confirmed they had swallowed the “difficult pill” of not challenging the ruling.

Campaigners protested at the site before councillors awarded planning permission.

They said, instead, they would be focussing on policing “three significant conditions” the club had to meet before the 20,000-seat stadium can be built.

Protestors are now to turn attentions to Aberdeen City Council’s requirements for the club to provide a transport management plan, work to impose a controlled parking zone on any street within a 30-minute walk of Kingsford, and build a safe pedestrian crossing over the busy A944.

They’re also pushing for increased CCTV in Westhill, to allow police to more easily monitor fans.

In a statement, No Kingsford Stadium said: “We appreciate this is perhaps a ‘difficult pill to swallow’.

“We don’t want the stadium at all, but the facts are that the stadium is being allowed to progress, therefore we believe the best avenue for us to take now is to ensure that the conditions are rigorously enforced by Aberdeen City Council.

“After all, the plans were approved with these conditions in place.

“The No Kingsford Stadium campaign will continue to act to ensure that all conditions are fully met, and that the community is protected from this development.

“It is imperative that the relevant Aberdeenshire Council representatives are made aware of the concerns of our community, and that their support is required in the enforcement of the planning conditions.”

Aberdeen FC chairman Stewart Milne welcomed the news.

He said: “This is very welcome news which will come as a relief to our fans and the wider public who have supported the plans for Kingsford.

“We can now focus on phase two of the development – the stadium and associated infrastructure.

“We are working with the councils to clear the conditions attached to our planning consent.

“Our aim is to deliver a modern stadium that dramatically improves the match-day experience for our fans and is safe and easy to get to and from, with minimal disruption to neighbouring communities.

 “This may be the end of the road for further legal challenge, but it’s the start of a journey for us and we will continue to engage with the local community to ensure that we address their concerns while delivering fantastic community and sports facilities.”


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