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Offshore union rejects second pay offer from employers

Monday March 20th 2017 at 1:39 PM


Members of Scotland’s biggest offshore union have rejected a pay offer from employers for the second time.

In a consultative ballot by Unite, 81% of members rejected the deal put forward by the Offshore Contractors Association (OCA).

It’s after rejecting a previous offer in December, which the Unite claims saw no improvement to pay and conditions.

The union says it’s now consulting with members on the way forward.

It follows a row in July last year which saw hundreds of  Unite and RMT members go on strike, the first of its kind offshore in nearly 30 years.

Unite regional officer, Tommy Campbell, said: “We have repeatedly warned the OCA employers and other offshore employers that we cannot simply have a race to the bottom, with companies competing with each other to suppress the pay and conditions of offshore workers.

“It’s bad for our members and it’s bad for the local economies that rely on their incomes.

“Those companies who invest in their workers and see them as genuine partners will reap the benefits in the future. Those who don’t will end up lagging behind, and will always face the possibility of industrial action from their workforce.

“We will now consult with our union members and Unite workplace representatives about the way forward, given they now have a mandate for an industrial action ballot following the rejection of the pay offer.”

The Offshore Contractors Association says the offer included a 2% increase until next March, with a further rise linked to inflation between April 2018 and March 2019.

Paul Atkinson, CEO of the Offshore Contractors Association said: “We are extremely disappointed that members of the trade unions who took part in the consultative ballot have rejected our pay offer.

“Our priority is to find ways of avoiding industrial action. We will continue to maintain an on-going dialogue with union officials in an attempt to bring this to a resolution.”

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