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The Original 106 No Repeat Workday

Want to win cash for listening to the radio?
Simply keep it Original 106 and win with the Original 106 No Repeat Workday!
If we slip up and play the same song twice when you are at work (weekdays between 9 and 5), we will pay out in cash to the first person to call us and berate us! Don’t hang about as you only have 106 seconds to call us on Aberdeen 293800 to claim. If you’re correct the presenter in question will be severely reprimanded with the aid of a garden hose* and you win £106 in cash# – everybody wins!
*Not really
#Yes really

The following Terms and Conditions shall apply to the contest known as The Original 106 No Repeat Workday in conjunction with any terms and conditions published as part of Original 106’s  general contest rules. 

We guarantee not to play the same song by the same artist in full between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday (UK time) 

Entries are only accepted by calling the Contest line (01224 293800). No calls made to any other number will be accepted.

In the event of a repeated song, we will pay £106 to the first caller within 106 seconds only. The repeat must be confirmed, and the caller notified they have won.

Parts of songs used for promotional purposes do not constitute a repeat. Songs must be played in full and be by the same artist OR group to qualify as a repeat.

Callers claiming a repeat has occurred must clearly state when the song was first played and when it was repeated. If the times cannot be given, a claim will not be accepted.

The competition will run weekdays between Monday 8 January 2018 and Friday 2 March 2018.

In addition The Original 106 No Repeat Workday does not apply in the event of public bank holidays or an emergency or equipment failure. If the station is unable to broadcast normal programming for any reason, this contest is deemed suspended until normal programming can be resumed. 

Only one winner per household is permitted.
Winners can only be accepted from residents within the normal FM transmission footprint of Original 106: AB or DD9 and DD10 postcodes.

Entrants agree that by entering they agree to publicity should they win a prize.

Claims will be checked against programme logs. In the event of a dispute, log tapes will be checked. The programme controller’s decision will be final and no correspondence entered into.

The decision of Original 106 is FINAL and ABSOLUTE in all matters.


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