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Non-executive director of AFC: SPFL have something to learn from Major League Soccer

Monday October 1st 2018 at 8:20 AM

AFC chairman Stewart Milne (L) and non-executive director Dave Cormack (R)

The non-executive director of Aberdeen FC says the SPFL have something to learn from Major League Soccer in the United States.

The club has hit out at the decision to host both League Cup semi-finals at Hampden on the same day next month.

Aberdeen are scheduled to play Rangers on Sunday the 28th of October at noon, before Celtic and Hearts face each other at 7:45pm that night.

The first train to Glasgow Queen Street on a Sunday doesn’t get in until nearly 15 minutes after kick off.

AFC released a statement on Friday labeling the decision as “completely unacceptable”.

Dave Cormack said: “It’s just quite bizarre.

“I’m used to living in the States. I work closely with Atlanta United, which has a ‘Fan First’ policy – the MLS does.

“To ask 20,000 Aberdeen fans to get to Glasgow for a 12pm kickoff, when no train arrives in Glasgow until after the game starts, is just ludicrous to me.

“Hearts play Celtic the next week anyway. The natural thing – to me – is to have Aberdeen/ Rangers the Sunday and then Celtic/ Hearts the next week at the same time. You’d only have to reschedule one game.

“We got on the phone as directors and are just mystified about how decisions are made like that because we’ve got to start putting the fans first.

“There are lots of other things for fans to do and, at a time where the game is getting renewed interests and our crowds are up 25% over the last three or four years.

“It’s just really unfair to have Aberdeen fans to have to get up at the crack of dawn to get down there.

“How do we all get down there when you can’t use a train?”

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