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Man behind Ashgrove Road West “Christmas House” says it’s time to call it a day

Thursday December 7th 2017 at 11:42 AM

Eddie Stevenson says this year will be the last year of putting up the festive display

After more than three decades of encouraging people of all ages into the festive spirit, an Aberdeen man has said it’s time for the tradition to end.

Eddie Stevenson moved into his home on Ashgrove Road West in 1981, and has decorated his garden with Disney and Christmas decorations every year since.

He did it to raise money for local charities – in particular for support for children with special needs.

Over the years, he’s raised a quarter of a million pounds – receiving an MBE in 2010 for his charity work.

Now 74, Mr Stevenson has announced “it’s time” and would like to spend future holiday seasons with his two grandchildren.

He said there have been a lot of highlights over the years, but one in particular stood out:”Maybe about four or five years ago Alex McLeish came up and Willie Miller was here as well with his kids. That year Santa appeared. We thought the two of them had set us up because Santa brought footballs and good boxes of sweets for the kids.

“So, I spoke to Alex McLeish about it and asked if it was him and he said no.

“Now this guy dressed as Santa was really fantastic, he had a big bell and flashing lights and a huge sack of lights. He used to come around six o’clock, so we’d phone the families nearby to let them know he’d be coming around that time and Santa would dish out presents and gifts to all the kids.

“There was one year there was a little boy around six, who had a granny who lived up the road – and he was Annie Lennox’s nephew. We phoned him and said come round about six o’clock and he sat there for ages waiting for ages and Santa never appeared and never appeared. Eventually he had to go up the road to go to his bed like. About half an hour after that, Santa appeared.

“Once Santa was done giving out the presents, I said to him ‘There’s a little boy that’s been sitting here earlier waiting to see you, but he just missed you. He lives up the road at number so-and-so,’ and Santa goes ‘Right enough’ and just starts heading up the road.

“I phoned round to his granny’s to say Santa was on his way.

“So she got him to answer the door and she said he got such a scare when he opened it and Santa was there!

“That’s what it’s all about.

“It’s good. It’s good.”

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