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Kiss The Car

vip car


Well they lasted well over 23 hours WITHOUT any breaks kissing the car – we just couldn’t separate these two from the Suzuki…

…So well done to Michelle Cassie from Newmachar and Gary McDonald from Aberdeen who BOTH win a car each from C&M McDonald Kintore!

Search for Original Aberdeen on Facebook to see the battle  videos in full!



The rules were…

The grand final will see all finalists KISS THE CAR! Choose your spot and place your lips on the vehicle and whatever you do, DON’T MOVE! The last person with their lips on the car WINS THE CAR – no, really!

Obviously, there are some ground rules you must follow if you make it to the grand final – just to make it fair for everybody.

– You must be 18 years or older and live within the Original 106 transmission area (AB or DD9 and DD10 postcodes).
– All finalists will be required to come to C & M McDonald Kintore on September 21st 2017 at 10am for the final.
– The finalist will then approach the car in the showroom, and with both feet on the ground you will kiss the car.
– No aiding support will be allowed (example – camping chairs, beds, tripods, etc….)
– You are not allowed to support yourself by leaning on the car, or by having your hands on the car.
– There will be NO breaks allowed, or scheduled.
– You must not impact on another finalist by pushing, distracting etc.
– You may nominate someone to take your place – this must be communicated before the final.
– The final will be broadcast on Original 106, Facebook live and our other social media platforms.
– The finalist will be required to lock lips on the vehicle at all times.
– Any part of the outside of the vehicle can be kissed.
– Feel free to bring friends & family to support you.
– There will be judges and adjudicators monitoring at all times and their decision will be final. If they deem that you break contact with the car you are out.

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