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Holyrood committee to investigate how NHS can support trans and non-binary community

Saturday July 6th 2019 at 7:26 AM

A Holyrood committee has launched an inquiry into how the NHS can support trans and non-binary people.

It identified the group as one of the most under-represented and forgotten about in society.

The Cross-Party Committee for Sexual Health and Blood Borne Diseases is looking for people who identify as trans or non-binary to get in touch, especially with experiences surrounding stigma and discrimination, or with difficulty accessing services.

The group will also hold a number of public meetings across the country.

All the evidence will be gathered and a report with recommendations will be published in November 2019.

More information can be found here

Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP, a Co-Chair of the Group said: “We want to hear from trans people, health practitioners, and organisations that advocate on behalf of trans people.

“We’re interested to hear about any experiences of sexual and reproductive health services, where things can be done better, what went well, and what an ideal sexual and reproductive health service would look like for trans people. Trans and non-binary people are human too, and we need to ensure all services meet their needs.”

One of the Members of the Group, Monica Lennon MSP, said: “When talking about sexual and reproductive health trans people are often forgotten about, despite being a distinct group within society with their own specific needs. This Inquiry will allow us to highlight instances where trans individuals have trouble accessing PrEP or issues with reproductive health and look at what we can do to improve services.”

The Chief Executive of HIV Scotland, who provide the secretariat for the Group, Nathan Sparling said: “We’re grateful to be providing support to this important Parliamentary Inquiry, which will provide some key recommendations to improve access to healthcare for trans people. Globally, it is estimated that 16% of trans women are living with HIV, and we need to ensure that all trans and non-binary people can access services to help prevent, test and treat STIs such as HIV.”

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