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First exhibition in refurbed Art Gallery to feature Aberdeen and its people

Tuesday July 9th 2019 at 11:56 AM

The first exhibition in the revamped Art Gallery will be a series of photographs taken of Aberdeen and its people.

The exhibition by photographer Martin Parr will feature alongside another about Scotland.

Parr says: “It’s a very beautiful country and the people are great. The social scene is interesting. It’s different from where I live in Bristol, it’s rougher and more engaging and quite dramatic. That difference really appeals to me.”

Aberdeen at Leisure was specially commissioned by the gallery. Parr made several trips to the Granite City in 2017 to take pictures of citizens in sporting venues, nightclubs and places of worship.

Gallery bosses say it creates a “lasting legacy” to inspire future generations.

Martin Parr said: “I am excited to share my portrait of Aberdeen with the citizens who appear in it. There is never a better audience than the subjects themselves, who are pictured here enjoying the incredible variety of leisure activities Aberdeen has to offer.”

The gallery is expected to open on the 2nd of November after a £35 million refurbishment.

Councillor Marie Boulton, Aberdeen City Council’s culture spokesperson, said: “The major investment in Aberdeen Art Gallery means that we can attract world class exhibitions such as Martin Parr: Think of Scotland to the city, which people would otherwise have had to travel considerable distances to see, enjoy and be inspired by. We know from the experiences of other cities around the world who have invested in this way that the arts can be a transforming force in the fortunes of any city or region.”

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