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The Original 106 Escapee

We’ve teamed up with the Evening Express to launch the North East’s BIGGEST man hunt.

Starting Monday, the Original 106 EscapEE will be on the loose across the North East.  Find him and ask the question ‘are you the Original 106 Escapee?’ and you could WIN BIG money.

He’ll call into Claire and David’s BIG Breakfast every morning with how much you could win that day, plus clues to his whereabouts. 

And keep listening to Original 106 through out the day as the Escapee will phone in at any point to let you know when that days bounty period has begun.

Extra clues will be printed every day in the Evening Express – and the bounty increases if you have a copy of the Evening Express with you when you find him.

Once we’re in play – if you are the first to find him and ask the question, the money is yours.

Grab your copy of Saturday’s Evening Express for the very first clue – and be listening to Original 106 on Monday morning to hear how much you could win!

Remember – if you don’t ask, you can’t win. 


1)       Eligibility and Limitations:

–           Entrants must be 18 years old or older to enter and play.

–          Contest will begin Monday, 17th February 2020

–          There will be a minimum of one “in play Bounty period” for a maximum of two hours per day, as announced in the Evening Express or on air on Original 106, or until the contest is won during that Bounty period.

–          Contest will begin on Monday, 17th February 2020 at some point during that day and the Bounty period will last until “The EscapEE” is caught, or until the bounty period is announced as closed. One or more clues will be given out at the beginning of the Bounty period. Once these clues are announced they may be repeated during the Bounty period.

–          Clues for “The EscapEE” will be given out on the air during the “in play Bounty period” and may be repeated in part or full during this period. Extra picture or text clues will be given out in the Evening Express during this promotion and additional clues may also appear on social media

–          Purchase of the Evening Express is not necessary to take part in this competition.

–          The contest cannot be won outside of the designated operation hours.

–          If “The EscapEE” is not caught by the end of competition Bounty period, his location will be revealed on air and may be revealed on social media, associated websites and the Evening Express.

–          The person who catches “The EscapEE” during the Bounty period will win the prize as stated on Original 106 (via cheque to follow) and they will also win the “Bonus Newspaper Prize” as stated in the Evening Express if the person presents a copy of the Evening Express from that day or the previous publication day.

–          Listeners will be encouraged to search for “The EscapEE” in the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire areas only.

–          “The EscapEE” will not be carrying any cash prize.

–          The winners’ prize will be provided via cheque within 28 days from them catching “The EscapEE”.

–          In order for a contestant to win, they must discern the location or identity of “The EscapEE”, and then approach this individual, and say, (verbatim), “Are you The EscapEE?” If it IS “The EscapEE”, the [winning] contestant will be given a winner’s calling card.

–          You must ask the suspect; “Are you the EscapEE?” a shouted guess at a group of people will not be accepted.

–          We will not accept guesses shouted from cars or other modes of transport.

–          The question has to be asked directly, in person, and in close physical proximity, to the person the entrant believes to be “The EscapEE”.  If that person is “The EscapEE” and has been asked the correct question listed above during a Bounty period and they answer “yes” then that contestant will, subject to complying with these Terms & Conditions in full, win the Bounty!

–          To receive the prize, the winner will be required to disclose their full name, address and contact details to the presenter after appearing on air and a DC Thomson member of staff on the scene. These details will not be broadcast.

–          We will comply with all our statutory obligations regarding the processing of personal data and your personal data will not be used for any other purpose other than this competition.

–          In the event that more than one person approaches and correctly questions, “The EscapEE”, the winner of the Bounty will be the person who asks first. If more than one person correctly asks at the same time, the Bounty will be divided equally between these people. All decisions as to which person has correctly questioned  “The EscapEE”  first or which persons have correctly questioned  “The EscapEE”  at the same time will be at the absolute discretion of  the Evening Express and/or Original 106 and no correspondence or discussions will be entertained.  The Evening Express/Original 106’s decision is final.

–          Only one winner or qualifier per family or household will be allowed in a 30-day period.

2)      Common sense/safety reminders

–          Do not follow a person who answers “yes” to you or states that they are the EscapEE character to any location. Always stay in public.

–          The EscapEE will never be in a school or anywhere you will be required to pay to gain entry.

–          No destruction of private or public property is necessary to find “The EscapEE”. No risk-taking is required to locate “The EscapEE”

–          “The EscapEE” will be easy to access and/or approach. Any one participant found searching on private land, or using private land to access or gain unfair advantage to “The EscapEE” will be immediately disqualified. Anyone participating in the contest must follow the rules of the contest, as well as the rules and regulations of the locations where they may seek out “The EscapEE”.

–          DC Thomson may at any time during the promotion and at its absolute discretion, terminate or suspend the competition.

–          No person who approaches and/or questions “The EscapEE”  will receive an answer if: They have asked outside of a Bounty Period, if “EscapEE” is traveling in private transport, “The EscapEE”’ is in a private residence or place of accommodation. If they do not ask, ““Are you The EscapEE?” that person is ineligible to enter.

–          Persons who violate any rule, gain unfair advantage in participating in the Contest, or obtain winner status using fraudulent means will be disqualified.

–          Unsportsmanlike, disruptive, annoying, harassing or threatening behavior is prohibited.

–          DC Thomson will interpret these rules and resolve any disputes, conflicting claims or ambiguities concerning the rules or the Contest.

–          All participants will be considered contestants of the “The EscapEE” and will hold DC Thomson free from liability of any kind to person or property arising from participation in “EscapEE” promotional contest.

3)  Publicity:

–          By participating, all participants and winner(s) grant DC Thomson exclusive permission to use their names, characters, photographs, voices, videotape, and likenesses in connection with promotion of this and other contests and waive any claims to royalty, right, or remuneration for such use.

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