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Cycling group releases plans for cyclist-friendly Union Street

Tuesday January 30th 2018 at 7:07 AM

A safer cycling group has released their vision for Aberdeen’s Union Street.

Cycling UK has sketched up how the city’s main thoroughfare could look, if bike lanes were to be installed.

They’re hitting out at the lack of provision for cycling in Union Street in the council’s billion-pound city centre masterplan – and plan to protest there on Saturday.

Organiser, Rachel Martin, said:

“A protected bike path on Union St is a no-brainer. It can help solve the NHS crisis, the pollution crisis, the congestion crisis, and the climate crisis.

“A protected bike path is also inclusive because it will provide a safe space for children, for the elderly, and for people with disabilities to ride bikes or mobility scooters and this is something we can be proud of. Let’s make Union Street great again!”

Support for a cycle-friendly alternative plan have been welcomed by a number of businesses, including Cruise Fashion, which described it as “a great thing”, and Foodstory, who said: “We feel so strongly about this that we’re even tempted to close for an hour and be on the streets with our bikes as well!”

Tom Guha, Cycling UK’s Infrastructure Campaigner, said:

“The planned redevelopment of Union Street gives local decision makers a perfect opportunity to totally rethink how Aberdeen’s public spaces can look, feel and function.

“By building cycling and walking into the new designs, Union Street can become not just an efficient place to travel through but a thriving high street for people to enjoy being in.”

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