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Claire & David’s Cash Conveyor with Specialist Cars Nissan

Each weekday morning we’re giving YOU the chance to win cold hard CASH on Claire and David’s Cash Conveyor with with Specialist Cars Nissan.

Every weekday morning one lucky person from Aberdeen and North-east Scotland will play on air to hear random cash amounts of anything between £1 and a maximum of £250, simply say “stop”when you feel the time is right and you win the next cash amount!  Easy? Well maybe…just make sure you don’t wait too long – if the conveyor stops you will leave with nothing! 

We open the lines at 7.45am with a simple qualifying question and and one lucky person will be chosen at random to play at 8.10am on Claire and David’s BIG Breakfast.

Terms and conditions


Claire and David’s Cash Conveyor


Original 106, Original House, Craigshaw Road, Aberdeen, AB12 3AR



Start Date: 17/06/2019

End Date: 17/09/2019

The exact timings of when the competition starts and ends will be explained on-air. The competition may end sooner than the end date listed above.


The Competition will be staged weekday mornings from 09/01/2019


The Competition is open to UK residents aged 18 years or over at the date of their entry.

Employees of the Promoter or any company involved in the Competition, including the Prize Provider, are excluded from entering the Competition and their entries will not be considered.

The competition is open to whose home address has a postcode beginning in: AB, DD9 or DD10


You can enter by answering a qualifying general knowledge question and calling 01224 293800 when directed by the on air presenter(s).


Competitors will be chosen at random from all the correct answers to the daily qualifying question. The contestant will hear random cash amounts. The contestant can shout “stop” at any time, and wins the next unheard value. If contestant doesn’t call “stop” and the conveyor stops, contestant will win nothing.


The winners will be announced on-air at the completion of the competition.


The prize will be a cash amount up to a maximum value of £250. The maximum value will not necessarily be available at every execution of the competition The prize will be paid to the winner in cash or by bank transfer.


Original 106.


Entrants’ personal data (including telephone numbers and addresses will be collected by the Promoter and will be used to process entries. The Promoter will also provide winners’ names and contact details to the Prize Provider, solely for the purpose of arranging delivery of the prize.

By entering the Competition, participants consent to the storage and processing of their personal data as described here, which shall be strictly in accordance with current UK Data Protection legislation.

Personal data may remain stored by the Prize Provider after the Competition has ended but will not be used for marketing purposes, unless the participant has opted in to receive marketing communications.


Entrants consent to their voice being used on the Promoter’s radio broadcasts and to a copy of this broadcast being stored by the Promoter for use in any and all media for promotional or other purposes.


Only entries received in accordance with these Terms will be accepted.

Participants may enter the Competition more than once.

Teams are not permitted to take part.

The Promoter has the right to disqualify participants if it reasonably believes participants have breached any of the Terms.

If there is any misunderstanding, mistake or dispute concerning the operation of the Competition, or the operation of any technical/communications system, the Promoter’s decision shall be final and no correspondence or discussion will be entered into on this subject.

The Promoter has no responsibility or liability if participants fail to get through when they call to enter. This includes a failure to complete a phone call due to loss of signal, even if the entrant gets through to the studio initially.

The Promoter is not responsible for any costs associated with entering the Competition, including making phone calls or accessing the Website.

In order to maintain the quality of the Promoter’s radio programming and to protect listeners from harm, participants may be disqualified if they are incomprehensible, inaudible or if it appears to the Promoter (in its sole discretion) that the caller is intoxicated or likely to offend listeners.

Whilst participants are on-air, they promise not to make any statement which (in the Promoter’s sole and reasonable discretion) is inappropriate or which would be likely to bring the Promoter into disrepute.  The Promoter reserves the right to cancel, amend, terminate or temporarily suspend this Competition if it is required to do so due to circumstances outside its reasonable control, with no liability to any entrants or third parties.


If you have any concerns about how this competition has been run, you should email: [email protected]  or write to: Martin Ingram, Original 106, Original House, Craigshaw Road, Aberdeen, AB12 3AR . A complaint will not be considered if it is made more than 7 days after the date the competition is played.


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