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Claire & David’s Cash Clip With Specialist Cars Renault


Your chance to win cash weekdays at Original 106


Each week day we give you at least two chances to win at least £250 with Claire & David’s Cash Clip With Specialist Cars Reanult. We’ve taken a short clip from a well known song – your job is to identify it! Easy! 

We’ll play on Breakfast and Drive with the chance of random power plays during the day.

We start the prize pot at £250 and each day it remains unidentified we’ll sling another twenty quid in the prize pot.

Lines will open to register to play around  8am and again at 5pm on Aberdeen 293800 (don’t worry we’ll tell you on air!) and will close 5 minutes before we play.

To win you’ll need to provide us with both the artist name and title of the song – if you only have one you will be told the answer is wrong and the prize pot will rollover.



Winners must reside in the AB, DD9 or DD10 postcodes. Only one winner per household standard Original 106 Ts & Cs apply.









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