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Aberdeen pupils team up with international artist to create a mural

Sunday May 12th 2019 at 12:40 PM

The transformation of the electricity substation at Great Northern Road got underway on Friday

Pupils from an Aberdeen school have been teaming up with an international artist to transform an electricity substation.

Starting on Friday and throughout this weekend, the youngsters from Kittybrewster Primary School have been painting with both Argentinian born artist Patricio Forrester and local people to create a mural on Great Northern Road in Woodside.

The aim of the project has been to make different generations of people work together.

It follows after the pupils secured a grant through the U Decide community funding event for Seaton, Tillydrone and Woodside.

Locals felt the substation needed cheering up and an improvement.

Caroline Findlay, Parental Support Adviser at Kittybrewster Primary School, said:

“At Kittybrewster, we love to raise kids’ self-esteem and this project has done just that.

“It’s just made them feel amazing.

“Because they’ve been involved right from the very start of the planning to the painting, they are just delighted.

“And they are very proud as well.”

Patricio Forrester, who has created a number of murals all over the world and has been based in London for over 20 years, said:

“I am also very proud of the project and the work that we do – it’s very meaningful.

“It’s amazing that we are all humans trying to do something together, despite all of our differences and trusting each other to share our knowledge to do something positive.”

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