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Aberdeen lifeboat vandals “could have cost lives”

Tuesday November 14th 2017 at 6:51 AM

The RNLI says vandals could well have cost people their lives in a break-in at Aberdeen lifeboat station.

Crew members were forced to cut their way into their lifeboat with power tools on Saturday morning after the break-in, which it’s thought happened on Friday night.

Luckily the crew were only heading out for training, and not responding to an emergency call.

The break-in and damage were reported to the police.

The lifeboat has since been returned to service.

Bill Deans, Lifeboat Operations Manager at Aberdeen lifeboat Station says: ‘This shocking, mindless act could easily have cost lives.

“Minutes matter in saving lives at sea.

“Imagine if the crew had been called out on a rescue overnight and had to cut their way into their own lifeboat.

“That delay could have prevented them from arriving in time to save a life.”

“The crew cannot imagine what the break-in attempt hoped to achieve.

“Ignition keys are not kept on board and the engine start process requires expert knowledge.

“Also no medical supplies which might be of interest to drug users are kept on board.”

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